Swimming Telephone

We roll old school rotary style around here.

     In Finding Nemo, Marlin tells the turtles about his adventures, the turtles tell some fish who tell some more fish and more until finally Nigel, the pelican, relays to Nemo that his father is searching the ocean for him.  Based on that version of the telephone game, I'd like to introduce you my blogger version of seriel stories:

Swimming Telephone
  • I will start this game with an introductory prompt.  An assigned blogger friend will copy my prompt, paste it on their own blog, and add their 200 - 300 words to the story.  Once added I will post a permanent link to that page here.  (300 words is plenty, trust me!)
  • The current story teller will link to the writer whose prompt they follow and copy the previous writer's prompt (not the entire story).  They will then build on the growing storyline and tag the next blogger in line.  The next blogger in line will tag the next person, and the next person etc.
If you'd like to swim along with this story, e-mail me at swimming with 3 [at] gmail [dot] com.  I am hosting this list of prearranged story tellers.  Your story addition will be promoted on just keep swimming so we can avoid repeat performances. 

When it's your turn, please copy the telephone picture above, place that on your related blog post, and link back to this page.  If you'd like to add this to your sidebar you can grab the swimming telephone button below.  Now, let's go swimming!

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    1. Ellen, I was thinking of you in my part of the story. Sorry, Erin, maybe next time. Nothing but love for both of you! Mwah.


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