Saturday, January 28, 2012

Our Tooth Fairy

     When Hubs was young, he LOST lost a tooth.  His father told him to draw a picture of the tooth for the tooth fairy.  The next morning he woke up with a note from the tooth fairy that read "Thank you for the picture of the tooth.  Here is a picture of a dollar."  This story now qualifies as family legend.

     When Blondie lost tooth number 4, she actually LOST tooth number 4. She was climbing into the van when it fell out of her mouth and disappeared never to be seen again.  We told her to draw a picture of her tooth for the tooth fairy.  When she woke up the next morning, the tooth fairy had forgotten to visit!  (more like crashed on the couch and dragged her tired butt to bed without a thought for her responsibilities).  Blondie sat downstairs lamenting the absence of a reward convinced that her tooth fairy wouldn't visit a kid without a real tooth under her pillow.  Stealthfully, the tooth fairy snuck a quickly made coupon "good for a prize from your parents" under Blondie's pillow and disappeared.  Thankfully, Blondie declared this "the best visit from the tooth fairy ever!"  Whew!


     When Blondie lost tooth number 5, she put her tooth under her pillow.  When the tooth fairy went to exchange the tooth for money, the tooth had disappeared.  Blondie had sent the tooth flying in the middle of the night and it couldn't be found.  The next morning Blondie found both the money AND the "lost" tooth.  Strike 2 Ms. Fairy!

     Yesterday morning an excited Josie lost tooth number 6 while brushing her teeth before school.  Last night she put it under her pillow excited about what the tooth fairy might bring her this time.  This time I was determined that the tooth fairy would get things right.  Unfortunately, at 6:15 this morning Blondie walked into our room and sadly declared that yet again, her tooth fairy had not visited.  Doh!

     When Blondie went downstairs her tooth fairy came.  Blondie showed us the money delivered late in the morning.  We told Blondie that her tooth fairy is just NOT a morning person and if Blondie wouldn't wake up so darn early, the tooth fairy would visit before she gets out of bed in the morning.  That's right, it's all Blondie's fault she ended up with the lamest tooth fairy ever.  How's that for good parenting?