Monday, September 17, 2012

Underachieving at Swimming

     It's time for another installment of "Swimming Telephone."  Participants will take part of our story and run with it, old school telephone game style.  Click on the telephone above for further details and then dive right into the story.

This week a monkey was rescued and a plan was almost devised by
Andrea at
     Although Andrea claims to be an Underachiever, she tackled these problem kids like an overachiever on our newest episode of "Swimming Telephone".  It's time to see where this lovely sweet lady took our crazy kids.  Click above to read her latest addition.

Previous swimmer: JD at Honest Mom
Next swimmer: Bethany at Bad Parenting Moments

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  1. Oh how fun! It's always interesting to see how a story changes depending on who is writing it. :)

    1. The story has evolved in a way I had not expected. It's a lot of fun for us bloggers. I hope it's fun for the rest of you too.


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