Sunday, May 13, 2012

To a Mother of Twins

     Supposedly my Dad fainted. 

     The doctors were seriously worried about the size of my Mom's baby; it was nearly 10 pounds.  That is when they decided to send my mother for an x-ray to figure out what they were "dealing with." (That's technical doctor speak for "how in the hell are we supposed to get this giant beast out of you?")

     Later that day a nurse called my mother and asked "Has the doctor called to tell you how many babies you are having?"  My mom: "no".  "Well, he'll be calling you soon."

     When my mother got the news she called my father at work.  She said "we're having twins" and heard a thud.  She promptly called my dad's office mate and asked him to please go check on her husband.  He had fainted.

     Twelve hours later my mom went into labor with my sister and me.  

     I really do have to give my mom props.  She had a 2 year old son when my sister and I rocked her world.  You try preparing for twins with only 12 hours notice that you're bringing home multiple bundles of joy.  She rose to the challenge and really let Maggie and me be individuals.

     Love you Mom!  Happy Mother's Day and thanks for taking on two handfuls!


  1. I can't even imagine having twins with some advance warning they are coming. At least we weren't triplets!


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