Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Whispering Chocolate and Joke Telescopes

      At the computer I sit writing.  From the baskets on the floor next to my desk it whispers my name; "Marian".  I shoo it away, clear the noise, and focus again on the screen.
     Like Harold Hill hiding in the library stacks it whispers my name again.  Looking down at the floor I see it staring at me.  This ends tonight!
     For Easter each of my three children was given a small See's milk chocolate Easter bunny.  After a week, Dude still  had not touched it.  The many nights just knowing that perfect bunny was still available have been tough; recovering alcoholic in a bar tough.

     Sunday night as I sat working I decided Dude had one chance to claim what was rightfully his.  I picked that bunny up, walked it into the kitchen, and forced it on him.  "If you don't eat this tonight, it's gone for good."  (What kind of mother forces her son to eat chocolate?)

     I saw his eyes as he took in the gold wrapping.  He was actually debating whether or not he would accept this challenge.  (Who questions an opportunity to eat perfectly good chocolate?  Apparently, the child whose mother forces it on him.)  Then he shrugged and said "Can you help me get the wrapping off?"  I moved faster than a worker in Veruca Salt's peanut factory.

     He attacked the tail first.  When he realized he was allowed to eat more he then went for the easy kill; the ears.

The not so innocent victim

     He assaulted that bunny with ninja speed and left it blind and deaf.  I had to look away.  When I looked back, this is what I saw:

a chocolate eye???

     Dude had decided to look inside his chocolate bunny and it reminded me of these:


  1. So funny! You are a good mom who just let him indulge in the whole thing at once. I saw my kids making their way down to the ears and said they had to wait until later ot finish it. Boo on me!

    1. It was either him or me and there are some bullets I just shouldn't take. Like the chocolate ones.

  2. This is so funny! I love the picture and how you said he assaulted the ninja. You should link this up to my sat laughs! LOVE it!

  3. I need to come back over to your site and check things out. Thanks for stopping in Melissa!


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