Saturday, April 28, 2012


     What are you getting for Mother's Day?  What are you getting your mom for Mother's Day?  You have two weeks to figure this out.  This is worth some consideration.

     If you're anything like me, this day finds you scrambling at the last minute to find appropriate gifts for the mothers in your life.  It is especially tough for me because the women in my life already have the things they want and need.  They are fortunate.

     That is one of the reasons I buy gifts from Oxfam America.  Before you get bored and leave my page take a look at these adorable chicks.
A dozen chicks $45
Did you know that a starter set of chicks will produce eggs, generate income, and improve nutrition for a family in need?  They are also one of my favorite gifts because they are so darn cute!

     As I was saying, Oxfam is an international relief organization helping to fight poverty, hunger, and injustice.  They help provide food sources in developing nations, they deliver educational materials to children, and they create job opportunities to women in need. 

     Not only does this charity perform great deeds, but they do it in a fun way.  They provide gift donations which allow you to choose from a number of items at various prices.  Oxfam will create a card for your recipient describing the gift that was purchased and detailing how it will be used by those less fortunate.  This gift is a win win plus it is tax deducible (as if you needed more incentive.)

     Here are some other incredibly helpful items that could be purchased:

handful of seeds protects native crops and helps feed the hungry.
Pack of seeds $12
Feed children's creativity and expand their education with art supplies.
Art supplies for kids $15
     For Mother's day this year, please consider one of Oxfam's wonderful gifts for the women in your life.  Honor them by helping other women improve their lives and their childrens' lives.

     Thank you for your consideration.


  1. Great ideas!!! I am going to check it out asap:)

    1. I hope you find something you like. I really love browsing through that site. I even bought a "bicycle" for my husband on our anniversary (because my husband likes Oxfam AND he likes bicycling).

  2. Usually I'm a scrambler, but this year I was proactive and thought big. I'm taking my mom to NYC for the day.

    1. Enjoy your day. NYC would be so much fun! There are a couple of shows I would love to see.


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