Friday, February 3, 2012

The "Tuck and Roll"

     Your house is cold and dark when you climb under your thick warm blankets.   You snuggle in as the heat spreads through your body and begins to pull you into a peaceful slumber.   And then it happens.   The freezing cold cuts you like a knife forcefully removing you from your happy place.

     The person you have chosen to share your bed with is a nocturnal predator.   In his (or her) own attempt to enter dreamland he has snugly wrapped himself up in your shared blankets.   He brings the blankets up to his chin and squeezes them tight to his body - the tuckUnconscious of the fact that there is another person in his bed, he turns over, taking the tightly wrapped blankets with him, leaving his partner in the cold - the roll.  You are an unfortunate victim of the "tuck and roll".

     If you are the 6'2", 180 pound person in this scenario, copying this action and reclaiming what is rightfully yours is a viable option.  If you are the smaller person, no amount of tucking or rolling will help you exact retribution.  Your only real option is to find another (probably inferior) blanket and cling to that one for dear life while fighting away nightmares about being a penguin in South America.

     You are not alone.  In the cold winter months ahead the number of victims will skyrocket.  Unfortunately, my only advice is; buy a superior back-up blanket and hang on tight (and maybe kick your partner if he tries to roll away with that one too).  Sleep well!


  1. I have a second blanket for that exact reason.

    1. I am powerless. I'm going to have to break down and buy a second comforter next winter.


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